Mommy & Son Time

Today is the second day that I’m picking Angel up from school and I’m so excited to see him that I couldn’t help but write about it as my first post here. I’m so glad the sun is out although it’s a tad bit chilly. We’ll manage like we managed to walk in the rain under my giant golf umbrella yesterday.

I always like to sneak up on him and just watch from the door window until he sees me or one of his friends tells him his Mom’s here, after which he would literally light up and come running towards me. He has grown so much… Yet every time I hold his hand in mine, he’s MY LITTLE BOY.

Sometimes, I see some young Asian Americans on the streets or on the bus, and I can’t help but “imagine” how it would feel like when Angel was finally THAT age.

I’m almost sure we’re going to go get his favorite Chicken McNuggets at McDonald’s before heading for home. we walk slowly as I adjust to his shorter strides, and he talks and I listen. Sometimes we sing. It’s just Mommy and him…