Work Zone Blues

I’m usually all psyched to go to work at the start of the wek, but that’s usually not the case when I am greeted with an e-mail indicative of the boss waking up on the wrong side of the bed like this morning. So I took a deep breath and said my morning prayers, where one decade of the Rosary is actually dedicated to work and my day in general.

I got a bullet list of calendar items with why’s, where’s, and other comments I was starting to reply to when I realized I was shooting from the hip, since not all my resources were in front of me. So instead, I deleted my draft response and sat down calmly for the rest of the ride to the subway.

One thing I have learned is that anger or any sense of irritation or dismay is best managed and not met head on — more so when there are external factors aggravating the boss and everything else is just “collateral damage”.

Then again, I have to balance the option of “keeping quiet and keeping my head down low” and responding in a timely fashion. (That’s what the blackberry is for.). I’m not worried. Can you believe I’ve been in the job a year now? And the boss isn’t looking for a replacement so this is a feat. I must be doing something right.

Postscript: something must’ve happened on the way to work because the boss was a totally different person by the time she stepped into the office, or she probably flipped an internal switch in her brain.

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