On my way

So we’re all buckled up and getting ready for take off. I can’t wait for us to be airborne so I can get some much-needed shut eye. I had barely four hours of sleep and my adrenalin is ebbing. My body is finally succumbing to fatigue, and I don’t want to fight it so I arrive in Manila not quite as jetlagged as I would normally be.

I gave the duty free shop one sweep but I lingered at the Hudson News outlet nearest our boarding gate. I wanted to pick up a book and a magazine or two.

I ended up getting Vanity Fair and People. Choosing the book was more difficult. After 2 sweeps, I ended up in the “Classics” shelf and I initially picked up Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and was thinking of finally grabbing a copy and reading it seriously, until my eyes landed on a paperback copy of Geoffrey Chaucer’s THE CANTERBURY TALES and that sealed the deal.

My favorite aunt, Tita Lydia, had given me a children’s version and I had taken to reading most of the stories, but not in chronological order. Hopefully, by the end of this trip I would’ve finished the book. So this book is special to me beyond just giving me some intellectual food for this journey. It’s another way I’m taking a journey home.