Early Riser this Saturday Morning

Weather forecasts in this part of the world have a higher sense of accuracy than what we had gotten used to back in Manila, although I am sure that with advances in technology, they have gotten better at it.  The forecast for New York this weekend is pretty glum with a promise of rain the horizon, and grey skies and a rather shy sun at almost 9am seems to confirm this.

I’ve been up since just before 6am. Blame it on the jet lag (haven’t quite completely gotten over that just yet) — plus the fact that I slept early last night (just before 10pm) as the tyke asked that Mommy sleep with him.  Although I had intended to just put him to sleep and then get up later, I ended up dozing off into the night.  My body just couldn’t shake off the need for sleep after fighting it away all day.

Alan’s been real considerate, agreeing to take out food if not a dinner out like last night to spare  me the chore of preparing dinner.  (And he’s still off in la-la land at this hour.  I usually indulge him during the weekends which are the only days when he can really sleep til noon if he wanted to.)

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to get on with my Saturday chores while still wading through the things I brought home from Manila.  All the bags have been unpacked and we’re doing some laundry this weekend.  After that, all the suitcases will be tucked away in their corner in the attic, awaiting our next trip.  There are scrapbooks to be made (again), and albums I need to send home.  I actually took my portable printer home complete with paper and spare ink cartridges and printed out a good almost 200 pictures for friends and family.  (The paper and ink had gone with the balikbayan boxes, so the only thing I lugged in my bags was the portable printer.  That was one good idea I intend to do again for our next trips home.) 

The big guy’s up and so it’s time for me to prepare breakfast.  I finally ground one of the coffee bean packs given to us by the Pantaleon’s.  More on that later..