Planning our first Thanksgiving Dinner here in our home

I have been here in the US for over 8 years now and this will be my 9th Thanksgiving celebration.  All those years, we have never celebrated Thankgiving here at home.  It has always been at another relative’s house.  This year, Alan and I agreed rather surprisingly at the same time to forego Thanksgiving celebrations in other people’s homes and have one in ours.  He was actually thinking the same thing I was thinking, so I was rather taken by surprise when he spoke out about this idea which was brewing in my head. 

Nothing big — specifically just us for a change.  Not that we’re turning anti-social, but special family occasions tend to get diluted by the presence of extended family.  So this year, it’ll be Alan, Angelo, my mother-in-law, and we’re hoping Ray and Maria who will probably be visiting family in New York from Philadelphia where they live.  We don’t have that big a place to host an actual party, but it’s perfect for the intimate dinner we want to have.

Alan and I also agreed we’re not doing turkey.  He prefers a standing rib roast.  (Easy enough!)  It’s the side dishes I have to worry about, and probably a second dish to go with it.  I am all excited planning it in my head for now.  I already know I’m going to get a pecan pie from Mangia and make some leche flan like my mom used to make. I will do a pasta entree or salad, and depending on which one I make, a potato side dish (like a gratin) or a salad.  I’m trying to be reasonable about this by working out way in advance which ones I will make and which ones I will order or buy from outside. 

I guess it’s hard to hide that the whole thing is an exciting project for me.  =)  It’s a first that I’m hoping will come out beautifully, more so now that Angelo is more aware of all these traditions and holidays celebrated here.  In fact we’re decorating a paper turkey as a family project — but that’s another blog post in the making.


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