And so THE tree is here..

Looking up to the Top of the RockI woke up to a relatively damp Friday morning and we brought Angelo to school as normal.  Alan and I drove into the city again.  I walked from 51st Street to 42nd and snapped some photos along the way.  The tree had indeed arrived at Rockefeller Center, and although it was still on its side, crews were hard at work to pull it up.  There was scaffolding around the golden statue of Prometheus to allow for enough support as the tree is decked out for the grand lighting on December 3.

Although I have never gone to Rockefeller Center specifically to view the ceremony, I have passed through Sixth Avenue on the day of the lighting in years passed where traffic literally slows to a crawl with the throng of people around the area wanting to witness this magical moment when the lights are finally turned on.  It doesn’t help that this uncannily lands on one of the colder days of the year and I can’t bear the thought of standing out in the cold for something I can always see any other day during the holidays.

If you’re looking for major entertainment, though, this is a good time to join the crowds for the public concert that is mounted to coincide with the celebration of the season.  This, along with the unveiling of the store facades which are, by themselves, a sight to behold and worth lining up for, are some of the must-do events if you are in New York City during this time of the year.

Click Here to view my Flickr page on today’s Rockefeller shots.


0 thoughts on “And so THE tree is here..

  1. Hi Dinna!

    This is one of the reasons why I follow your blog. You live in a city so beautiful all year round.Keep on writing and posting pictures. My Big Apple memories are refreshed in your corner here.



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