Star Struck with Lipstick Jungle

Brooke ShieldsAlan and I drove to Manhattan today, and although I could’ve gotten off sooner, I didn’t get off until just before Alan was to go into the parking garage by 53rd Street between Fifth Avenue and Avenue of the Americas.  I thought I’d walk and see what pictures I can snap despite the muggy weather.  He was telling me the Rockefeller Christmas Tree was being delivered today, and I thought I’d look and see what decorations were up.

Two blocks before Rockefeller Center, I walked into the filming of a scene of Lipstick Jungle, and although it took a double take for me to realize who the towering actress was, I finally saw it was Brooke Shields.  Production Assistants were busy directing traffic away from the sidewalk, and they were very accommodating with the spectators taking pictures but implored upon the public not to use flash photography. 

Andrew McCarthyBut it wasn’t the Brooke Shields sighting that made my morning but seeing Andrew McCarthy directing the episode.  (Here I go again proclaiming which generation I belong to… )  He just happens to be my biggest crush in the 80s!  How I wish I wasn’t walking to work and that I had the luxury of hanging around the shoot, taking more pictures of Andrew.  Although very few people actually recognized him as their eyes were all on Brooke Shields, there were a few others who were snapping away on Andrew feet away where the monitors and the Director’s chair were. I wanted to stay longer but the clock was ticking.  I had spent enough timee waiting for two takes to see Brooke Shields up close.  I wanted to walk up to Andrew McCarthy to tell him I was a bigger fan of his than of Brooke, but he was immersed in his role behind the cameras.

Definitely worth the long walk from 53rd to 42nd…


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