I have stopped thinking of Sundays as a day to sleep beyond my normal waking hour because the boy is a human alarm clock.  He wakes up and insists that the parent of his choice for the morning gets up with him.  More often than not, it’s Mama who gets called to duty because I have full control of the kitchen.  Not that he asks for fussy breakfasts.  It’s practically always a choice between cereal, cereal and milk, or cereal and milk with banana.  He seems to have gotten over his craving for Apple Cinnamon Rice Cakes (which I am grateful for) and has started mimicking his dad’s breakfast of “circle rice”.  (That’s a half cup of rice served after being “molded” in a small bowl, hence the “circle”).

The morning started very sunny but the clouds have started creeping up on us again.  I’ve picked up my knitting needles and decided it’s about time I finished my ribbon yarn project.  It’s cold enough to use it now and I want to retire my ladder yarn scarf for a bit, with the hope of saving it for another winter or two.  The sun seems to be in the mood for a nap behind the clouds today.  I don’t have much energy to go out although I was hoping to do a photowalk around the neighborhood to catch the last vestiges of yellows and oranges.  Some of the trees are even bare now, all set for the frost and the blistering cold of winter.

We spent the afternoon doing two “family projects”.  Yes, the boy is in Pre-K but he’s already being assigned these projects which are naturally a “Mommy and me “  task.  I tried to get him involved but he got busy putting together his own collage as I cut and pasted and put our turkey together.  In the spirit of encouraging his creativity, I let him go ahead and glue all those little things to a print out of a family picture we had.  Forget that I wanted him to paste some of the stars and squares and other odds and ends I was cutting from foam pads to put into our multi-colored foam turkey.  The whole project took my afternoon and early evening but I wasn’t complaining.  It was a fun time to be there side by side with my boy.  So I guess in a sense it was still a family project after all.

Our Family Turkey


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