A week away from blogging

I can’t believe that my prior post is a week old. 

It wasn’t for lack of trying, but I never got beyond beginning a post.  I suppose that goes to show how busy the previous week was.  I hardly ever got enough time even during breaks to log on.  Worse, I was too exhausted at the end of the day that I often found myself dozing off in the couch when I only meant to take a quick nap.  The coming week will hopefully be better.

It’s going to be a short week thanks to the Thanksgiving weekend which begins Wednesday afternoon for me.  I am fortunate to be able to take the afternoon before major holidays off before the rest of the workforce begins theirs.

Meanwhile, the sun is out in full force this Saturday.  The landscape has changed dramatically since the previous weekend, and many trees are now bare and all set for the winter chill.  We’ve actually dipped to freezing a little earlier than usual, and we’re all set withe coats, scarves and gloves.  Gone are the autumn hues.

I still lug my camera with me wherever I go.  The new header below being one of the products of my spontaneous snapshots.  No, I don’t have a panoramic lens — it’s the magic of stitching two photographs together courtesy of photo editor.

Blog Header in Black and White

I want to start reading again but there is so much more to planning what I do with my “spare time” beyond what I want to do.  I’ll get there in time.


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