Five things to be happy about

1. A clean bill of health after being asked to go back for a second mammogram

2. Alan taking me out to celebrate the fact that we got good news and I am fine after all.. it tells me he felt as much if not more relief after I was told I’m okay.

3. Seeing Angelo being able to write an “A” and “n” on his own — four letters to go!

4. Finally watching TWILIGHT on the big screen 

5. Finding long-lost friends like Lulai on Facebook.


0 thoughts on “Five things to be happy about

  1. Mina


    Congratulations on your mammo results, that is ,indeed, a reason to celebrate:)

    Twilighters will finally get to watch it here tomorrow and I think everyone has gotten their tickets in advance. I did. 24 more hours to go for us here.


  2. Anonymous

    Welcome to the world of Twilight, Mina. It’s an enjoyable read. Keep the expectations reasonable for the movie, though, because as is the case in most books that are translated to the big screen, the book still wins hands down.


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