Blogging over my morning cup of coffee

I set the alarm just a few minutes earlier than normal because I have to be out of here way before my usual time.  I’m working very hard again and trying to make it to an early morning meeting where the boss needs some printouts that didn’t make it to her in time yesterday.  I’m just being the good assistant here, so yes, I literally woke up at the crack of dawn.  The sun isn’t supposed to shine for at least another half hour or so, by which time I will be walking down to the bus stop heading into the city.

I’m just trying to enjoy my morning cup of coffee and some ube otap that I still had in the pantry from the box full of goodies my good friend Elvie had sent home to New York with me from the last homecoming to Manila in May.

I thought I’d start the day with a blogpost like I used to do many mornings ago, and see where that leads me.  Blogging has always been a form of therapy for me, enabling me to sort my thoughts out by putting words down on paper, or in this case, typing them away to publish a post. 

Many mornings are now spent busily getting my boys ready, saving my own rituals for last.  I paint my face on the way to work most mornings, and this one will be one of them.  (Thank God for shades!)  I pick my quiet corner on the bus and finish my prayers, then fish out my tools one by one until I get off the bus with a finished canvas.  I’m not the only one who does it, and while I find people stealing a glance when they see me start doing what I”m doing, I can completely relate to the fascination as I find myself watching others when they get on with their make up routines.  How can you not watch in quiet awe as a plain canvas is transformed into a totally different face after the application of color?  I think I still make some of my busmates wonder how I can paint my liquid eyeliner without missing.  Practice.

My first cup of coffee is finished.  Time for me to hit the showers before the boys wake up.  I have to get the boy ready before I walk out the door.  Clothes will have to be laid out, and I have to get his lunch box ready with the day’s snack.  I’ve checked the weather and although it’s a wet morning, the rains will let down by Noon.  (Big sigh of relief on that one.)  Alan will have to make do with cereal.  (No fancy sandwiches today for him..)

Good morning, New York!


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