What's for dinner?

It’s minutes to 7pm and I’m around half an hour away from home. I’ve been mulling about what to whip up for dinner since I got on the bus around half an hour ago in Manhattan, and I’m still stumped. It doesn’t help that it’s the end of the day so my brain is not exactly functioning optimally. So I’m thinking about what’s in my fridge and my pantry. It seems the easiest alternative is to cook a pasta dish — yet again, I’m wondering about the sauce.

Then I remembered how I have a bottle of dressing that used to steep some Tapa King spicy tuyo which I just couldn’t bear to throw away even after I had finished the tuyo already. It was a half bottle with some garlic and siling labuyo and tiny, tiny bits of tuyo. I let the oil simmer in a skillet and added a huge beefsteak tomato (or 2-3 plum tomatoes should also be good) and let it cook, after which I added a dozen shelled and deveined prawns. Once it was cooked, I arranged the shrimp over the pasta and poured the sauce.

The leftover oil in the single bottle was equivalent to approximately half a cup,and it can take more tomatoes which would extend the sauce for a bigger portion, and it definitely would need extenders if you mean to cook enough sauce for an 8 oz serving of uncooked pasta. You can also follow puttanesca recipes which call for the addition of capers and olives, something I would love to try next time.

The sauce came out very spicy just as Alan likes it, and it was a meal in itself. When doing this recipe, it would pay to remember that the oil is very salty, so you would have to watch adding additional seasoning. If you use the spicy tuyo oil, you can forego the usual red pepper flakes added to puttanesca or arrabiata sauces.

Be warned that this tends to be a very pungent dish, so it’s not for one sensitive or easily offended by such olfactory stimuluzation.


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