My weekend is starting a little late

.. And might actually be cut short if I end up making good on my promise to the boss I will work this weekend if needed. Duty calls… And it’s a major event on Monday — Now is not the time to be uncaring and selfish.

But I’m happy it IS the weekend. I’m already thinking of things to do with my little tyke, more so since there’s a forecast of snow tomorrow. (Bus driving by newly opened NHL store on the corner of 47th and Avenue of the Americas… Calling all hockey fans out there!). I am just overjoyed that (1) he can color better, (2) he can now count to 30 (and probably even higher, just that he got tired at 30 and told me he didn’t want to count anymore), and most important of all, (3) he can now write his name in his 4-year-old scrawl — yes, all 6 letters of it! (Now if he can only learn to write on the line.) Simple milestones that make this Mom proud.

I was actually trying to get tickets to the New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show tomorrow, but the allocation for the free tickets for timed viewing of the exhibition had already been snapped up for this and next Saturday. There’s still the following weekend anyway.. Besides, with the threat of snow and all, I would rather stay home…

Snow… It always has and will be a novelty for me.. I usually get over it when it starts turning to slush the day after the day after and I have to deal with the mud and trying not to do any acrobatic moves as I walk around.

(Idea bulb just lit up in my head!). I think I’ll order groceries for delivery through Fresh Direct just to save us the trouble of lugging heavy stuff from the car to the house. (Plus it takes one errand away if I end up giving some hours up to get some work done.). I have to stop thinking about food because I’m actually hungry. (Trying to remember what I had for lunch — just a medium cup of clam chowder…).

I’m happy it’s the weekend again…just thinking about being with my boys makes me smile.

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