Blogging through a headache

I’ve had this headache since yesterday and I went to sleep wishing it away.  Alas, wish was not granted.  The 2 painkillers I popped this morning eased it but did not get rid of it.  (Reminder to self: drink more!!)  It has been a hectic morning (which is normal), and things didn’t exactly go as planned (which is normal again.)  I am savoring what appears to be a lull and I hope that it holds.  Meanwhile, I thought I’d take the time to write and maybe flex my mental muscles into relaxing somehow.  It’s been a tough day.

I’m trying to find the discipline to start reading again.  I have at least 3 books I want to sink my teeth into, and I’d like to actually start reading before I proclaim it to the whole world. I have a new block of books that greet me each morning here on top of my desk — and I’m hoping to get that moving soon.  The grand plan was to step out and read a book outside in the park, but with winter almost here, that’s not such a good idea given the cold.

Right now my biggest project is getting my Christmas cards together, and it’s taking a bit of effort to pull that off. I feel bad that the cards have started to come — some from Manila even! (Thanks, Ms. Intet!)

Time to go back to the real world again.