Driving to Rochester

We’re driving to Rochester tonight and have around another 3 hours more to go. Alan and three other batchmates from De la Salle Zobel Batch ’84 are having a mini-reunion in the house of one of them who happens to be in this part of New York.

We have never been this far deep into New York state, and it’s been an interesting drive so far even if the sun had set more than 2 hours ago. The full moon above us is illuminating the snow-dusted mountainside, and Alan has been saying he imagines how breathtaking the view must be during the daytime. We’ll see for ourselves come Sunday when we drive home.

I’m seated in the back with Angelo who is napping away. Alan keeps grumbling that our GPS needs replacing because it has frozen at least three times since we left the house just before 3pm. I’ve backed up the directions on my blackberry for good measure.

We’re now in the Finger Lakes Region. The landscape hypnotizes as the full moon renders the snow half luminous. Many of the houses are gaily decorated with christmas lights, and it’s a sight to see the houses perched atop the mountains or out in the middle of what looks like farmland.

25 degrees fahrenheit outside. The snow seemns to be intent to linger in these parts.  It’s just another road trip but I always enjoy the journey with my boys.  I’m fully armed with baon — I have my roll of paper towels and sanitizer handy.  I have ample wipes.  That’s the mommy going on the road.

0 thoughts on “Driving to Rochester

  1. Hi! I’ve visited your blog before, but I think that was a long time ago and I see I’ve missed so many posts. It sounds wintry beautiful where you are. If one knows how to keep warm and well, winter can be such a delightful season.


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