Trying to stay warm

I’m supposed to be in the warm comfort of my home and yet I’m cold.  It’s still comfortable enough for me to be in a loose t-shirt and pjs, but my nose is feeling chilly. 

Tomorrow is going to be a challenge as all the weather experts on TV are forecasting the big freeze.  It’s Angelo’s Christmas party — on the penultimate day before Christmas break begins on the 24th so not going to school is not an option.  As if it couldn’t get any worse, Alan can’t attend the party with me and I am winging it alone (again) tomorrow.  Even before I heard of the big drop in temperatures tomorrow, I was already planning to bring Angelo home early once the party wrapped up because I was afraid to have Mommy walking on the icy sidewalks.  I guess I’ll just call for car service tomorrow on the way home.  (No, I don’t drive..)

There are just days that are beyond negotiation.  Besides, we were assigned to bring Christmas cookies which I had picked up from the grocery this evening.  More importantly, I know it’s an event Angelo is looking forward to attending.  So we’ll bundle up — me and my boy.  I’ll call the car service and make arrangements, and yes, we’re going to his Christmas party tomorrow.