Another Christmas is here..

The Rock's Christmas TreeIt’s minutes to 5am and I just woke up after falling asleep on the couch — I was really meaning to just take a short nap, but I dozed on and on and on.  I had meant to call Dad before noon time in Manila, so I called just now.  It was good to hear his voice. 

I heard the pitter patter of rain as I prepared the coffee brewer to start making cofee in around an hour… it looks like it will be a rainy Christmas eve.  I sure hope not with all the ice still lining the streets…

I miss home terribly and am celebrating my 9th Christmas away from home.  That thought gave me cause to pause a moment.  Wow, it’s been that long.  Embarking on my own journey into raising my own family has been a literal separation from the family I grew up with.  It is something I will never be fully adjusted to, but what I have built for myself with Alan here makes it all worthwhile.

I’m looking forward to spending time with the boys and some friends throughout the weekend.  Beyond my own family, they are the closest thing to the rest who are 10,000 miles away.  In the past 9 years I’ve spent Christmas on two sides of the world, I’ve learned that distance is not always that much of a factor when you know where your heart is.  It doens’t have to be confined to where you are — so while I am here celebrating with my own family, part of me will always be celebrating with the family I left behind in Manila.

Happy holidays from my home to yours…wherever that may be…


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