Greeting cards have all been sent

Part of the reason I love the holidays are the greeting cards that I receive and the ones that I send.  There were times in the past when I would get cards for my whole class.  During law school, I had made cards for everyone by hand.  This year, I decided although rather belatedly to do just that.  The only thing was, I was under time constraint to produce the card so I didn’t get to make as many as I had hoped to.  We did send out the same to friends and family, but I wasn’t able to send out as many as I had hoped to. 

Lesson learned — I should probably start creating the card for 2009 by October.

I am also trying to organize my addressbook.  There is something about reaching out during the holidays that makes it special beyond the Christmas message you send.  For many, it’s the only time that one finds an excuse to pop into the lives of others who are not part of our lives on a regular basis. 

I try not to do it en masse and just send out to a whole slew of friends and acquaintances.  As the years have gone by, I have come to take to heart the words I write in a card.  I try to remember those who remember, and those who are worth remembering.

There were a few that I had meant to send cards to which I still hope to do so with Happy New Year greetings instead of Happy Holidays.  New Year’s wishes should be good for the month of January.  Plus there’s the added effect of actually not coming with the bulk of greetings, and standing out (not just for being late) but for coming when you thought the last ones had arrived.  I am hoping to get that done this week.  There are just people who are worth the effort.

Every year, I tape the cards we receive atop our stairwell in the shape of a tree.  It’s a reminder of those who remembered, and are a visual of the messages of the season.  I can’t believe a whole year has passed us by.  It’s a new beginning with 2009 here.  Here’s to you, and you, and you… let’s all pray for a better year ahead for all of us.