Blogging in stops and starts

I haven’t been here much of late because life has simply taken me over.  I am not too happy that I am not being as prolific posting — but I just haven’t had the time to update my online journal.  Just now, I am seriously being tempted to just stop midsentence and move on to other things.

Could it be the cold weather?  (Excuses, excuses…)  There are just too many things happening around me.  It’s the second work day of the new year and I feel as if I didn’t have the benefit of two successive long weekends. 

Meanwhile, I’m trying to jumpstart my reading (again) which has been on haitus for the last four to six weeks.  I finally found the ideal canvas for a craft experiment I have been itching to launch — but have been unable to for lack of time and focus.  The only constant are the cards I’ve been sending to Pia.  (Reminder to self: mail out this week’s card.) 

I want to write about Ate Lian, my friends from law school, the guys from UP Manila — my batchmates from all those years in St. Paul (Pasig then Quezon City.) — many of whom have resurfaced thanks  to the wonders of technology.  (Are you on Facebook?) 

My bed is calling out to me — but I have to prep the coffeemaker for tomorrow’s brew first.  It’s going to be a busy day.  Beyond work, I need to keep writing and reading and keeping my brain active because sometimes I worry the last eight years have brought them into a state of lethargy.  You sort of get the hint when you find yourself putting on socks that you had taken out for the tyke to wear to school.  (Angelo and I had a good laugh with that, but I wanted to seriously bop myself in the head for getting myself into that situation.)  Twenty minutes to Cinderella time.. let me hit the sack — literally.  There’s tomorrow and the day after to write all that I have been meaning to write — if only I can sit down long enough to create the blogpost.

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