Holiday sale on!

I walked down to the PAPYRUS Store down in Grand Central to pick up a sympathy card for the boss.  How can I resist seeing 70% off screaming atop some of the more elegant (and definitely pricier when bought full price) holiday cards?  It wasn’t so much choosing the better ones but choosing the two boxes I promised to limit myself to before I end up buying a ton!

I vacillated at first because I was sort of hoping to make my holiday cards again in 2009 like I did this year.  (Although I am pinning my hopes on the possibility of spending Christmas 2009 in Manila..)   Then I told myself I can always make my own cards (still) and give these away to my sister who will definitely find good use for them.

Now is the best time to buy gift wrapping paper, holiday cards, winter coats and sweaters galore!  With most items discounted at least 50%, how can you beat that? 


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