Feedback Incognito: Did you say macarrons?

I have a rule here on my corner of the blogsphere that I will not publish comments that do not have a working e-mail nor a URL for me to track back to but there will always be exceptions to the rule and this will have to be one of them.  Well, first of all, it wasn’t posted as a comment.  I received a message from a member of this community although it appears now she created the profile to be able to send that message. 

“I never do this, but I had to write. So here I am, a Filipina-American female lawyer living in Chicago – but who use to live and practice in NYC – and googling late at night, when I came across your blog. And what was I googling? Not filipinas living in New York or anything that would reasonably lead me to your blog. No, I was trying to figure out – of all things – how the heck to get lavendar macaroons airmailed to me from some patisserie just outside of Giverny and whose name completely escapes me (this led me to Laduree macaroons, and then your blog). In any case, the coincidence was just too ridiculous – that I would be a filipino francophile attorney, missing my family so many miles away, living in a big city, and run into your blog. Thank you for that. Thank you for being a complete stranger but for having a blog that made me – a complete stranger to you – feel suddenly at home, surrounded by friends and even family (your mom sounds like my mom). And thank you for making me feel like I have a kindred spirit. Maybe the world is not so very large after all.”

To which the Pinay New Yorker says: This is one of the unexpected rewards of blogging — knowing that someone actually felt good because of something I wrote.  Thanks for taking the time to let me know. 

As for your macarron fix, I’d go to Payard Bistro (link will open to the specific page for their boxed macarrons) and order a box for shipping.  They don’t have quite as many flavors but the texture and flavor is close to Laduree’s which, to me, is still the best.  (They actually claim to have invented it.)  In the Philippines, Bizu is trying to give Manila a taste of it, and I snapped up some mango and pandan flavored ones — the taste is there but the texture is slightly different because they refrigerate it.  I guess the humidity and heat will not help the macarron to hold its flavor, but it’s a good attempt at it.  I wish Bouchon Bakery would ship but they don’t have an online store.  I tried their macarrons in their Time Warner Center branch over at Columbus Circle just this fall and it took me back to Paris.

I can totally relate to the feeling — pining, wishing for and remembering the taste and the presence of macarrons, food, and most important of all, family.

Again, thanks for visiting.

Such a struggle to get the words out

I have been trying to complete a coherent blog post here the whole week but have been unable to, hence the silence.  I can’t even remember the last thing I successfully wrote about — the server or my internet service provider was not allowing me to open my own blog page.  (Finally did!  I cannot believe my last post was last was…)

So here I am during my mid-weekend (it’s a long weekend for me thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr.) and everything has been done and it’s not even 8:30pm.  The tyke thought he was ready for bed and we even read a bedtime story already, then he said he wanted to watch just a few more shows.  Who am I to refuse on a long weekend?  No school tomorrow.  Plus, it gave me a chance to return to this post.

I’m on solo parenting duty all week because Alan is away on business to Paris.  It was a last minute meeting so I wasn’t able to even think about trying to join him for this trip.  Besides, it’s not the best time to be away on a whim from work right now.  So I had no choice but to just make a list of things I wanted him to bring back home at the end of the week.  (1) Starbucks Eiffel mug — we already have the Paris Arc d’Triomphe; (2) Laduree macarrons (OF COURSE!), (3) Camembert and Raclette cheese, (4) my DUPLO chocolates — easily available from any Monoprix and there’s one walking distance from the hotel, (5) and if I can only find the brand of caramels I so loved but which I had picked up from La Grande Epicerie.  (I would think this would be available at Galleries Lafayette’s Gourmet Store.  I have a few other odds and ends but he’s not optimistic he will get as far as the Boulevard Hausmann so I’m not pushing it. =(

Perhaps in the spring, we can plan a vacation there instead of piggy backing onto a business trip like this one.  I would love to keep going back to Paris but Alan has had enough and would rather bring us to other parts of France.  (Perk of the job — we get free hotel!)  I’m keeping my fingers crossed it will happen eventually.

Now I realize all I needed was the thought of missing out on Paris to get the words going.. ha!  =)  My tyke is asleep in front of the tv now.. time to bring him to the bedroom.  Meanwhile, I have letters (yes, the snail mail kind) and e-mails to write.  There are a ton of pictures from waaaay back to scan.  And then maybe I’ll come back here to write about the things I’ve been struggling to write about lately.