Such a struggle to get the words out

I have been trying to complete a coherent blog post here the whole week but have been unable to, hence the silence.  I can’t even remember the last thing I successfully wrote about — the server or my internet service provider was not allowing me to open my own blog page.  (Finally did!  I cannot believe my last post was last was…)

So here I am during my mid-weekend (it’s a long weekend for me thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr.) and everything has been done and it’s not even 8:30pm.  The tyke thought he was ready for bed and we even read a bedtime story already, then he said he wanted to watch just a few more shows.  Who am I to refuse on a long weekend?  No school tomorrow.  Plus, it gave me a chance to return to this post.

I’m on solo parenting duty all week because Alan is away on business to Paris.  It was a last minute meeting so I wasn’t able to even think about trying to join him for this trip.  Besides, it’s not the best time to be away on a whim from work right now.  So I had no choice but to just make a list of things I wanted him to bring back home at the end of the week.  (1) Starbucks Eiffel mug — we already have the Paris Arc d’Triomphe; (2) Laduree macarrons (OF COURSE!), (3) Camembert and Raclette cheese, (4) my DUPLO chocolates — easily available from any Monoprix and there’s one walking distance from the hotel, (5) and if I can only find the brand of caramels I so loved but which I had picked up from La Grande Epicerie.  (I would think this would be available at Galleries Lafayette’s Gourmet Store.  I have a few other odds and ends but he’s not optimistic he will get as far as the Boulevard Hausmann so I’m not pushing it. =(

Perhaps in the spring, we can plan a vacation there instead of piggy backing onto a business trip like this one.  I would love to keep going back to Paris but Alan has had enough and would rather bring us to other parts of France.  (Perk of the job — we get free hotel!)  I’m keeping my fingers crossed it will happen eventually.

Now I realize all I needed was the thought of missing out on Paris to get the words going.. ha!  =)  My tyke is asleep in front of the tv now.. time to bring him to the bedroom.  Meanwhile, I have letters (yes, the snail mail kind) and e-mails to write.  There are a ton of pictures from waaaay back to scan.  And then maybe I’ll come back here to write about the things I’ve been struggling to write about lately.


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