Blogging as the sun starts to rise..

I would normally be puttering around the kitchen just around this time but I did that an hour earlier when the boy woke me up.  (How lucky can I get?  I have a living alarm clock who will not take no for an answer when he asks Mommy to get up.. and he doesn’t have a snooze button..)  In fact, I’m already enjoying a hot mug of coffee as I try to decide if it’ll be cereal or a cheese sandwich for breakfast for me.  (The tyke is busy watching Noggin and is feeling a bit under the weather — so miraculously, he doesn’t seem to have an appetite this morning.. or then again, he might be stalling taking medicines as he knows I need to feed him first before I give him anything… hmmmm…)

It’s quarter to seven yet it looks like it’s the crack of dawn as the dark blue is slowly changing hues outside.  It’s supposed to be the best day of the week which will see unusually warmer (although still cold) weather — even for just a day.  I was supposed to go to school to join Angelo’s Pre-K class in their Chinese New Year celebration, but he’s teetering on the verge of a slight fever, so I think I’ll spare the other kids the danger of contamination.  Besides, the way he’s coughing, I don’t think a walk through the semi-freezing temperatures outside would help.  He’s staying home.  As for me, that provides me a good excuse to stay home, too, but there is much too much work to be done.  I will just leave early. 

Alan is coming home from Paris tonight.  It’s been a week and Angelo and I miss him terribly.  As I told him in jest, “Walang makulit sa bahay.”  No one is tailing me in the kitchen wiping and cleaning behind me as I cook.  I actually miss preparing breakfast for him every morning like I do.  (“Iced or hot coffee?”)  And while I enjoy walking Angelo to school, it can be quite a chore when you have to do it all week.  Of course we’re looking forward to our goodies, but just having him here again is enough.  I still can’t get used to these business trips — although I cope better now (I used to have such difficulty sleeping when he wasn’t sleeping next to me), I still wish he wasn’t away for so long.  But he’ll be back tonight so that’s reason enough for me to smile this morning (and to start blogging.)

So it’s Friday… yipee!  My favorite part of the week — looking forward to “no school, no work” as Angelo would excitedly say when he realizes it’s the weekend.   I remember that not so long ago, I used to look forward to weekends for the “gimmick” time.  Family changes all that.. It has redefined what “gimmick” is to us three.