Scrapbook challenge


No, I haven’t quite started scrapping again, but I’ve been drawn to a project I have been trying to pull off rather unsuccessfully.  I’ve been experimenting, and so far, what I’ve found are the things I’m NOT supposed to do.  So I haven’t quite found a way around my dilemma yet.  I’m trying to create my own “alpha” (alphabet set) from the headers and copy found in these two magazines I’m using for this project.  I tried scanning, but even a high res scan showed the pixelization of the print. 

So I’m trying something different by taking photographs of the print and then picking out the letters I need.  (See sample above) and it didn’t quite measure up to what I had hoped to produce.  And I’m still trying. 

I’ve been lugging the magazine I hope to tear to pieces over this new project — and I am trying to decide whether or not I should give up the idea of creating the alphas and instead head straight for embellishments.  That’s the real challenge there.


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