Getting things done

Warning:  If the fontsize is a little bigger than normal, it’s because I’m experimenting with the text size for this blog.  Everything just looks too tiny for me.. so please bear with my little experiment here.

I just got a Thinkpad Xseries laptop (Lenovo X61) as a spare unit for the office and I must say I’m impressed with the compact size and lightness of the whole unit, power source included.  Of course it didn’t come with a built in DVD player or drive but that’s something I can do without, except that I realized I needed one to install my Aircard.   I had brought it home this weekend precisely to do that since the installation disc and the aircard itself were with my home laptop.  (I’m a desktop person at work.)   I’m not a tech person but I’m techy enough to be able to install drivers from the net when I don’t have the disc, and I am very proud to have installed myVZ Access Manager from the website to enable me to use my aircard on this new unit.  (I have yet to test if it will run though.. I’m busy blogging here. HAHA!)  Technology!

I’ve fed the boys (Ham and onion omelette for the big one and rice and later cereal bars for the little tyke), washed up and put away the dishes from breakfast.  It’s “me” time.  I’ve been uploading pictures from Angelo’s field trip last Wednesday to the Long Island Children’s Museum and since I used high resolution settings, it’s taking me a while to get it done but I’m almost there.  Thanks to Flickr, I’m saving the pictures to be viewable by family and friends (via an access pass) — primarily because I want to respect the privacy of the other kids in the photos with Angelo.  Although I don’t mind personally, I know there might be parents who would have issues with their children’s photographs being out on the web for the whole word to see.  My Flickr PRO Account also has 95% of Angelo’s photos saved in private — only because I took the account PRO (paying a yearly fee) only so I could store my attempts at photography.  It’s served as my photo journal primarily — second only to this blog.

It’s bright and sunny outside but I can only imagine how cold it must be because I’m feeling a comfortable cool here in the house — just like you’re in an airconditioned room.  We’re thinking of going to the city and maybe stopping by the Children’s Museum of Manhattan — spending time as a family.  We were thinking of doing a day trip to somewhere nearby, but we’ll probably save that for Monday.  Sometimes, not making plans is the best way to relax.  No pressure at all.

Everyone seems to be in a “sale” mood again, and considering how commercialized Valentine’s Day really is, every little bit helps.=)  I have blogged annually about our Valentine date and I’m saving that for later, but in the meantime, I’m just blogging spontaneously.  Again, no pressure.

It’s a long weekend for us — President’s Day is celebrated by my company so we have no work on Monday.  It’s also Angelo’s winter break all week.  Alan is staying home with him, calling in some travel days the company owes him and taking some of his vacation days, too.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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