American Pie

We discovered the wonders of Old Sound Road in the North Fork of Long Island last summer as we went for a drive looking for the Orient Point Lighthouse.  We zeroed in on what is now a favorite lunch stop whenever we’re in the area,Lobster Roll Northside which I had mentioned previously here.  We went through a path behind the usual road we took and found ourselves driving through farmlands and quaint country houses and winery after winery.  We’ve gone back several times eversince and today, we went on a whim. 

Even before we hit Old Sound Road, I told Alan I wanted to stop at the Briermere Farms Store to pick up some goodies.  I have always found it quite an adventure visiting these farmstands where you will find fresh produce straight from the people who tilled the soil to grow them, and were home-made jams, spreads and fruit butter in traditional jars lining the shelves.  You will also find home-baked pies and other treats if the farm produces fruit.  During our last visit, we made a quick stop and I had to weave through the crowd to view the vegetable offerings and I eventually found myself in the “pie room” as I call it where freshly-baked pies, cookies and loaves of bread are on display, with a backdrop of jar after jar of jams and jellies.

The only problem is you have to be quick in making your selection because the people behind the counter attend to waiting customers with almost military precision.  If you dilly dally, the people behind you will probably want to shove you aside and get their orders in.

The apple pie is definitely worth a taste, but if you get intimidated by the puffy crust, they have apple tarts which have the same filling in a smaller shell.  What I like about their apple pie filling is that it is not irritatingly sweet — it’s flavorful without the sugar overkill.  We’ve also sampled their cookies, and don’t even think twice about grabbing some of the chocolate chip cookies — as is or with pecans.  I took the plain chocolate chip cookies today which I am trying very hard not to pounce on but I will definitely try the ones with pecans the next time I pay them a visit. 

Their banana loaf will not last long here in the house, for sure — moist and yummy, it should go well with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.