Pancakes my way

Weekends give me a chance to slow down and start my day with no pressure. I usually whip up a sausage-egg-sinangag (fried rice) breakfast for Alan. The tyke is easier even when he requests old fashioned oatmeal, and my mother-in-law makes her own. It’s also the only time I can actually take the time to prepare a real breakfast for myself. For the past couple of weeks, it’s been pancakes swimming in syrup and heavy cream.

Thank God for “complete” mixes from Aunt Jemima and Hungry Jack’s. Just add water and you’re good to go. I grew up with Maya Hotcake Mix which took a little more effort: add eggs, water and a tablespoon or two of cooking oil.  Back when I was still a child, I would slather the top of a pancake with condensed milk which pretty much made me happy and content. As I grew older, I followed the grown ups who would butter their pancakes, then pour some Karo syrup just as the commercials showed us then. Then I was served all that with an extra dispener with evaporated milk in some restaurant, and I saw my Dad pour milk on top of the butter and syrup. Because my Dad did it, it made sense to me to do the same. In recent years, I simply found some hazelnut or chocolate spread, and at one time, even chocolate honey, or plain old butter and syrup to jazz up my pancakes. I’d have it once a month or whenever I could find one of the gourmet flavored pancakes we always seek out. (Banana Walnut Pancake mixes are not very easy to come by…)

I often yearn for the old way I used to enjoy my pancakes…I don’t usually use evaporated milk here except to cook. I do have a pint or cup-sized carton of heavy cream in my fridge always, only because one of my favorite sauteed chicken renditions uses it in the sauce. I think it was around 4-6 weeks ago that the idea hit me, and I poured some heavy cream on top of the butter and syrup. Heavenly indeed!

It’s like sitting back to enjoy a book.  I grab my pancakes and just savor each bite, and indulging in some nostalgic trip down memory lane of afternoons when “hotcakes” were our merienda of choice back home in Manila.