Reconnecting and Feedback

I have been dilly-dallying about getting back to responding to feedback, more so when it’s “unsigned”.  I just got one to a post of many years ago mentioning a friend from college back in the 80s, Melvin Claros.  I have since reconnected with Melvin who is now on my Facebook friend list.

Meanwhile, can you believe it’s snowing again?  (And I thought we had gotten rid of it..)  So out went my favorite just-dry-cleaned fuschia pink winter coat from it’s dustjacket in the coat closet.  Thought I’d take it out to wear a few more times before Spring makes a definite come back.

I received this comment a few days ago while I was in the midst of composing the blogpost on “The Path You Choose to Take“, and just couldn’t respond,  but it is definitely worthy of publication and a reply.

Yarn Hungry Piggett wrote in reaction to my post on blogging anonymously :

How deep your Tagalog that I had to read the entry more than once!

I blog anonymously. I used to live in NYC and Manila to be fully aware that one cannot give oneself away to strangers. This is for security and privacy. These two factors ARE very important to me and especially so I can protect my family members. Others who know I blog, fully understood why I remain nameless. I don’t care what others say about not opening your whole private life to the public. And one doesn’t have to be Filipino.

Here’s one example: I had to tell a blogger friend that she did not have to tell the world her full address and her full name on her blog; nor show pictures of her actual home, even if it was meant to brag. There are numerous creeps and identity stealers who would jump for joy to steal naive people’s identities; or come to your door looking for trouble.

Yarn Hungry Piggett

p.s. I visit your site so I could reminisce about New York. I miss it so! It’s been 17 years.

There is a reason why most bloggers write behind a pseudonym.  While I have been fortunate enough to have found my readers mostly “sane” (as opposed to insane or otherwise pyschologically disturbed), you’ll never know.  I completely agree with Yarn Hungry Piggett (who, by the way, is an awesome knitter and she makes me drool with envy). 

I still can’t get the connection to blogging anonymously with being a Filipino, though, as asked by our irate reader from Brooklyn who cowardly hides behind an unsigned taunt.  Oh, and just in case people aren’t aware, even unsigned comments are encoded with an IP address which are easily trackable these days.  (Horrors!  Thank God I’m not up for spending on finding out exact addresses, but yes, it’s possible to find me knocking at your door…)

The thing is, no one is paying to read my posts.  No one is paying me to write my blog.  So if you like what you see here, I’m glad I didn’t waste your time.  If you don’t, there are millions of other bloggers, and thousands of Filipino bloggers like myself.  That I cornered the monicker “Pinay New Yorker” was a stroke of luck.. and that I have the domain name was just good business sense. 

I am glad to be able to find other fellow bloggers who are on the same page — look at that.  One bad comment which led me to write something caused someone worth reading and knowing like Yarn Hungry Piggett.  Thanks for stopping by, Ma’am.. I’ll be dropping by your corner as well.. drooling over your knitting masterpieces.

0 thoughts on “Reconnecting and Feedback

  1. What a surprise!
    I didn’t think I deserve a whole post entry in your blog! But I’m very grateful.
    And thanks for stopping by my humble blogsite. Honestly, I’m nowhere near the level of knitting expert. I fudge alot with knitting, to be honest, since I’m such an impatient person.
    The saying that goes: Practice Makes Perfect, is definitely true. One of these days, you will get your interest/inspiration back to pick up those chopsticks (haha!) and knit like there’s no tomorrow.
    Take care!


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