Lunch hour in Bryant Park

I actually took the time to step out for lunch today — the sun was inviting and I could see the sparkling waters across Midtown outside my window.  Alas, the sun was deceiving.  It was still a chilly 50 degrees, but the mere exercise of being able to drag myself away from my desk was a feat in itself.  I think I’m going to make a habit of this now that spring is  here. 

I imagine that available tables will be scarce once it warms up.  They’ve already startred planting the flowers which makes me look forward to when they are all in bloom once again. 

It may be just a few minutes but I’ve found that taking the time to do something for myself in the middle of a busy day can be energizing in a way that pulls me through the most chaotic of days.  Call it a “pick-me-up” if you will. 

I would’ve loved to grab a book and read a chapter or two, but I’m still looking for my copy of “The Little Book,” and my English translation of “El Filibusterismo” is a little too precious to lug around in my tote.  So instead I thought I’d sit quietly, pray for some natural heat from the sun (which didn’t come), and I tried to blog.  Tried — didn’t quite get there because I lost the post midway by hitting my darned “back” button.

It’s a start.. and here’s to a week of blogging…

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