On Hold

Do you ever get that urge to put everything on hold and you find yourself just floating by?  Part of my brain seems to have entered that mode the last couple of days as I tried to get my composure back after my most interesting weekend.  I’m getting there, but not without a conscious effort to try to stay positive.  It still weighs heavily on my heart.

Then again, it’s not so bad considering that it’s the Holy Week.  It’s Thursday and I feel as though it’s Friday already.  My weekend officially begins tomorrow when we hie off to our family holiday.  I’m looking forward to just spending time with father and son.  We have been doing long drives with Angelo eversince he was a baby, and we’ve gottten our whole routine down pat. 

For me, it’s the relaxation part that I am looking forward to.  I’ve already decided that the only book I’m bringing is my English translation of the EL FILI.  (I so need to finish reading this book before it gets banged up for lying around waiting for me to get back to it.)  I am almost tempted to shop the Buy 2 Get the 3rd free Bargain Books Sale of Barnes and Noble.  

As always, I’ve picked my first six choices and then quickly emptied my shopping cart.  It appears it’s  good for any 2 or more — I tried putting in 6 books thinking I’d get 2 free, but it only gave me one as a freebie and the 5 went into the total.  I’m the eternal bargain hunter, and the books are already priced very low as it is — and it kills me that there are just too many to choose from.  I am trying to resist the urge to grab a few  but I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. 

I’m trying to remember and prepare for the letters I have been meaning to write forever.  There’s the letter to a favorite cousin of old from waaaaaay back.  We reconnected through a daughter and son of hers who don’t know me at all — and she is now a successful physician raising doctors-to-be.  I owe a friend of old a note I’ve been meaning to write but which never quite came out right the many times I attempted to say thank you — sometimes it’s so difficult trying not to raise expectations, it sounds almost angry when it should not.  And finally, I promised someone early this week a letter I had been writing and rewriting the last couple of days.  That has been more difficult, but it’s getting there.

It’s time to flip the switch back on.


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