Feedback: Visita Iglesia

I find it uncanny that there are times when I am asking an unspoken question and the answer comes from out of the blue.  Thank you, Edgar, for sharing this with me by way of a comment to my post on Visita Iglesia which I wrote way back in 2005:

I saw this site only because it is #2 or #3 when you google “visita iglesia.” I’m glad you wrote this piece. It is must be providential because I am just done reading an email about this devotional practice now available on-line courtesy of the Jesuits in the Philippines. I recognize the piety that you have and so I am forwarding this url, hoping you and others within your cybernet will use it.

Entering into the Silences of Lent

To which the Pinay New Yorker says: Thank you, Edgar, for sharing this.  It is providential indeed.  I am hoping that others can benefit from this exercise of faith.  Maraming, maraming salamat.


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