Thinking about pan de sal as I enjoy my morning cup of coffee

I signed in to write a blogpost hoping to write about my coffee press.  But between the time I sat down to write this and got in here, I started thinking about pan de sal.  Yummy old style Manila pan de sal.  I am being specific because we have our own versions here on the East Coast.  The last time I bought a bag, it was even whole wheat.  None of the pesto flavored or the corned beef or tuna types, though. =(  Only in Manila.

I ran out of coffee filters last week and had used my coffee press one morning — Alan liked it so much that I have been using my old coffee press which had been tucked away in one of the shelves of my pantry since then.  It does have a different flavor.  Forget that I’ve had to consciously grind my coffee beans to a grainier texture than the usual fine grind (which is good for the paper cone filters).  It actually is a different experience.  The coffee steeps and turns up creamier.  The flavor is not as solid but more apparent.  Now all I need is some pan de sal.


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