On with the Scrapping

I’ve been planning to do this for a bit now but I hardly have had the time to seriously scrap.  With Spring here and more trips coming, I’ve decided to seriously pursue this personal project. 

One of the things that drew me to scrapbooking is how it enables you to weave bits and pieces of mementos from the occasion or event or person you are scrapping about into the layout.  In the beginning, I downloaded printable scrapbook elements and “stitched” them together into actual scrapbook pages.  My introduction to digital scrapbooking was gradual but while I have created layouts digitally, I cannot avoid adding actual embellishments or elements — be it tickets, brochures or magazine articles relevant to the trip.  Wherever I go, I have a scrapbooker’s eye out for “scrappable” paper, items, and souvenirs.  In essence, I do hybrid scrapbooking which is a mix of digital and “actual” scrap layouts.

I have been trying to create my own embellishments, both drawn and crafted.  I haven’t really been able to create as much as I’ve wanted to for lack of time, but my scrapping eye has hit upon an idea to create scrapbook elements and embellishments from a single magazine.  So I’ve decided to pick a specific issue of one magazine to dissect and pull elements from.  So that’s my MAG SCRAP PROJECT.

For starters, I’m taking low resolution photographs of each and every page in the magazine I will use to catalogue where the pieces I use come from.  I don’t know how long this will take or how far this will go.  That’s what I find most challenging and interesting about this new project of mine.  With several projects currently on my plate, I should have enough layouts to use whatever it is I come up with.  It has been challenging creating these embellishments I create in a format that will enable me to share it, but I will try and mak ethis possible whenever I can.  My graphics software capability is very limited, so it depends on how well I can make a usable graphic file of my elements.

Let me start by choosing which magazine I will use.. next step is to take pictures of the pages and we’re going to get on with this project.


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