Tulip Crazy

 I have been enamored by these beautiful flowers which are a staple of spring.  A few days ago, I had started taking pictures of the tulip bulbs up close as you saw in the post below and Friday afternoon (or early evening since it was after 6pm), I decided to stop by and take another look at the halfway blooming bulbs and I snapped away again.  I wish spring didn’t go by too fast — it would be nice if it was more subtle like Autumn is where you literally see the landscape changing colors through the weeks. 

Bryant Park in the Spring is such a hub of activity that brings New Yorkers and tourists alike in droves to the vast expanse of green littered with chairs inviting everyone to stop by and sit.  The air was cool and a tad nippy but not chilly.  Still jacket or coat weather, though, but the sun was out.  After days and days of rain, it was a welcome respite from the horrors of a wet New York.

I am dying to go to Central Park.  There just hasn’t been time.  I hope I still get to catch spring in full bloom when I finally do.  Meanwhile, I’ve decided to use more of the tulips for my blogheader, and I’ve put my site name as a permanent sign outside the header.  That way, we all get to enjoy the tulips and scenes of spring in New York without being bothered by the blog ID.

Saturday.. we’re supposed to be heading out to a barbecue in Pennsylvania which is going to be quite a drive — but the chauffer is still taking his power nap.  Me, I’m catching up with the e-mails, blogging, and hopefully, some scrapbook layouts that need redoing.  Oh, and maybe get a to a chapter of my English El Fili.  (Still on Placido Penitente.)  I really, really want to get on with the reading, but there are nights when I’m too exhausted to read. I actually slept through a rerun of  Law & Order Criminal Intentlast night which is unusual — so now I don’t know who was actually pulling the strings in the case they were trying to solve last night.

I fell asleep while cuddling Angelo in his fold out sofa.  I even said no to the Crumbscupcakes Alan had brought home which he offered to me around midnight.  (That should tell you I was absolutely wiped out!)  Well the weekends are here and I can feel myself recharging.  I can feel the vertigo back, though.  (Which makes me wonder if the trip to Pennsylvania is really such a good idea..)  No meds for me, please.  It’ll knock me out and make me useless for the next 24 hours if I take any.  I’ll live.  I’ve had this forever — something I discovered in my teens and which really comes and goes.  (Maybe the cupcake I had for breakfast will make it go away.  Ha!)

Meanwhile, I have my tulip shots to relax with.. makes you smile at how wonderful nature truly is.  The handiwork of a true artist — just look at all that beauty around us.


0 thoughts on “Tulip Crazy

  1. I noticed your header right away. Those tulips are eye-catching. They are very pretty. I have the same complaint about the weather. I can’t believe am still wearing my winter jacket.


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