Musings on a Monday

Despite a long night, I managed to wake up at a reasonable hour and am getting ready for the week ahead with my home-brewed Dunkin Donuts Vanilla flavored coffee.  We’ve stashed the coffee press away again and I’m  back to my ever-reliable programmable coffeemaker.  Thing is I forgot to put the coffee in last night, so I ended up brewing it early this morning.  Not to worry — since I’m brewing for Alan and I only, it’s a snap.

My Monday promises to be a busy day.. the fact that I have been suffering from slight vertigo since the weekend doesn’t help but I think I’ll survive. 

It’s starting to warm up here in New York but the morning is still a chilly 60 something.  So the Mommy in me is vacillating between sending the little boy to school wearing shorts or jeans.  I think I’ll go for the latter.  There’s a promise of 84 degrees later..

The weekend went rather well–. a get-together with friends in Pennsylvania last Saturday, an unsuccessful attempt to bring Angelo to watch Earth yesterday (which didn’t quite work out but we had our usual run of errands on a sunny Sunday…).. and several episodes of the now defunct BBC series Hotel Babylon

I’m back to planning Angelo’s 5th birthday party (two weeks to go!) and working on my scrapbooks.  Almost May now, can you believe?  It just serves to remind me that no matter what happen, life goes one — and time doesn’t stop for anyone. 


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