I’ve always liked the X-men comic series, although I have to admit I didn’t get “introduced” until later in life — law school, specifically, when one of my classmates during my freshman year proudly showed me his “comic book”.  It was one of those produced like the comic books of Tintin (which I had started reading in my childhood) — so it wasn’t a typical comic book, but I borrowed it and got my first taste of the mutant heroes.

Being married to a sci-fi buff guaranteed I watched most of the new releases of this genre — and of course we hied off to the theatres to catch X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE.  I was actually excited to watch it because I like Wolverine the character and I love Hugh Jackman.  (Who doesn’t?)

It’s interesting to note, though, that Wolverine’s story on the Marvel Website is not as simple as the abbreviated introduction that we were shown at the start of this latest X-men movie.  (No spoilers here, I’ll let you read it for yourself straight from the pages of Marvel’s own home on the web.)  

As a movie goer, I’m rather easy to please.  As long as you don’t bore me and even the fantastic is presented in a logical manner that doesn’t make me feel like the people who made the movie were insulting my intelligence, I leave the theatre thinking my money was well spent.  I go to the movies to be entertained, plain and simple. 

I liked the pace and the way Wolverine’s character developed, but note that I am not a die hard X-men fan — so I watch and don’t scrutinize the accuracy or faithfulness of the movie to what people know from the original writers and creators of this character.  (Note that my reference to the more extensive background at the Marvel site is purely informational and not meant to disparage the way the movie capsulized the beginnings of the young Wolverine.)  I’m not a fan of gore and brutality, but the violence depicted in the movie was justified to define the character.

I left the movie theatre wondering which character was up next for a prequel.  As the title suggests, there is hint of a “series” of prequels to show the X-MEN ORIGINS.  With Marvel producing their superhero movies (finally), I know there will be more than enough characters for them to pick from to keep the franchise on the screen.


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