Celebrating my passion: Motherhood

I used to celebrate Mother’s Day as a daughter paying tribute to the woman who helped make me the person that I am.  Five years ago, I was blessed with the arrival of this boy who gave Mother’s Day an altogether new meaning for me.  That he was born just before Mother’s Day then made it all the more special.

I try to celebrate my own Mother who is 10,000 miles away.  I get reminded by her own mortality as I see my little boy growing up right before my very eyes.  Five years ago, my little boy’s tiny fingers clasped hers as he was being cleaned up in the birthing room — even before I could hold him in my own hands.  That memory is forever precious in my mind as I introduced them to each other then.  That experience is something unique to the two of them to this day — as my Mother helped me to take care of Angelo the first three years of his young life.

I woke up to a take out breakfast from McDonald’s which father and son snuck out to get.  I was napping in the living room and had a fun breakfast with my boys.  The day was spent at home, simply being together as a family.  We’ve had our Mother’s Day dinner the Friday before.. we were out Saturday to celebrate Angelo’s birthday, too.  It’s celebration after celebration each day with the ones who make me the Mother I am.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there..

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