First leg

(On my way home)

I’m trying to entertain myself by watching a movie after sleeping for around 4 hours.  It took me a while to figure out how to switch the language to English but I did manage to finally watch “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button“.

I had boarded the plane with the usual plane jack only to find out that KoreanAir uses a multi-plug AC outlet.  And of course for some reason, I manaed to stash away the other plugs in some other bag other than what I have stowed under the seat in front of me (which I would’ve discovered earlier if only there was an empty plug at the Samsung Mobile Charging Station I was hoping to connect to earlier at JFK.)  So I am unable to do the work I was hoping to get started on, nor am I able to watch the shows I downloaded for viewing while on the plane.  I am keeping my fingers crossed it’s stashed somewhere in my rolling luggage so I can use the laptop during the htree hour layover in Seoul and the three hour trip to Manila from there.

I miss my boys.  They’re probably having breakfast and negotiating between themselves about who gets to watch on the big TV.  Then they might spend the day at home or maybe go out to lunch.

Meanwhile, I’m counting the hours until I’m in Manila finally.


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