Things I learned on this trip

I like KoreanAir and have flown it roundtrip once before.  My Mom sings them praises for the way they handle their senior citizens which makes me feel good sending  her off on her own during her trips to and from Manila and New York.  But as my friend Fe had taught me a long time ago, I always learn something new everyday…so here goes..

Not all terminals at JFK have wi-fi. (So good thing to bring your wireless card.). I went to Terminal 1 where wi-fi was for pay, but rumor has it that the JetBlue terminal has a connection.

2. On the plane: It pays to research the type of outlet that is available and where your plug is because unless you’re in Business or First, you will have one plug for so many passengers. For the middle set of four seats (or five seats depending on the plane configuration), there is a solo plug between the two middle seats on KoreanAir.  Lesson learned is it pays to stick to the window group so you only need to jostle with one other person for that plug.  (So yes, easy to recharge your cellphone or blackberry on Koreanair as well.)

3. Also learned the hard way that unlike American Airlines power outlets on their planes, KoreanAir uses a multi-AC plug.  (So what did I order the car jack or plane adaptor for?  Oh, I remember now, for recharging while in the car and for American Airlines and similarly configured planes.)  This website, Seat Guru, is a treasure of a find but basically applies only to domestic flights.  It’ll actually be able to give you this information after you provide the required data on the type of plane you will be on.

4.  Incheon International Airport does have free wi-fi, but their power outlets need a power adaptor for us used to the usual two teeth parallel plugs.  (Not even sure that’s what it’s called.)  But love the wide open spaces, the seat configuration in their airport terminals and the totally clean feel of Incheon.. (Keepings fiingers crossed that next time, I’ll catch the Burberry store open..)

5.  While some would argue airplane food is airplane food (translated: Blah..), I like KoreanAir’s Bibimbap.  It also helps that you actual get real silverware, not plastic utensils.. that’s the old dining experience we used to have on domestic flights before security issues forced the change to something that is not in danger of being turned into a weapon.  But I am straying here..

Now if you’re not into it but feel particularly adventurous when the flight attendant asks you if you’re having “Korean food” or some other western alternative like Seafood Noodles or Beef with mashed potatoes, try this nice rice and beef and vegetable combo which you can make soupy with broth and as spicy as your nostrils can take.  They even have a “How to eat Bibimbap” handout that will teach you what you’re supposed to do with the rice bowl, the cup of broth poured over the kim, that red sauce in what looks like a tube of ointment, and how that bowl of kimchi’d jalapenos on the side can make this a firehouse experience.  

I stash the red sauce away because Mom loves it, although I see the Koreans around me using that as the dressing or broth base turning their bowl orange.  (A tad bit too strong for my taste.. )  To me, it’s part of my KoreanAir experience.

6.  KoreanAir serves wine during meals but here we go again with the “It wouldn’t hurt to ask for something” if your preference is soda.  I didn’t, but I saw other passengers do.  So yes, it’s on board and is not totally off the beverage list.


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