Up at the crack of dawn

I was so exhausted last night that I lay down beside Angelo just a few minutes after nine and I woke up at 3:45 this morning. I’m not sure if it was the asthma, jetlag, or just plain exhaustion. I had to get up, freshen up and prepare the coffeemaker to brew in around 2 hours, and I found myself “awake”. So I painted my toenails. (Still fresh from an honest-to-goodness pedicure from Anna back home.). That sort of got me stuck to my seat.. So I grabbed the blackberry and found myself here.

I checked my pink Razr which has been ressurected from dormancy and which now houses my Globe OFW sim. Three text messages! Two from bestfriend Fe who is literally going on a joyride to Hong Kong (she is probably my only friend who equates a simple plane ride with a spa treatment.) — and some person who says I won second prize in some draw and she even had that all-important DTI number to “prove” authenticity. (I’m not going to waste my precious load on that!).

The birds are chirping outside. A cursory look outside my bathroom window showed a wet pavement but it looks like the rain has stopped. (So my friends in Manila, you don’t have a monopoly of all the aggravation coming with the rainy season. Kami din!). I’m trying to think about the remaining three days of the week. It’s Wednesday. (Which means my yahoo reminders about my novena will pop up 4 times today.). I’m in the middle of two projects, one of which is on schedule and another which I think I will regrettably have to put on hold. (I can push it but scrapping can never be rushed…).

I have letters to write. As I declared to Ate Lian when I saw her last week over bibingka with Quezo de Bola at Via Mare (thanks for the treat, Ate!), I am trying to revive the art of letter writing. There are “thank you”s that need to be said more than just electronically. I want to start a journal to a newfound “inaanak” (which I will call my “Eeya book”) so I can introduce myself to this young woman who was entrusted to me as a godchild 19 years ago, but whom I last saw at her first birthday party until 2 weeks ago when I finally gave her a hug in person. (And I make a mental note of bugging my friend Andy about my other long-lost “inaanak”, Peter.). Unlike some, I take my godparenthood rather seriously, even if I have to do it long distance. (Now I remember Ronald, a nephew, who remains a long distance inaanak literally and figuratuvely.)

I have to be in Grand Central this morning. Maybe I’ll take my favorite perch by the “windows” and snap away. Or maybe I’ll skip it this time. I have a prayer to copy and a story to write later. (Again.). I’m thinking of Dad. I heard he’s trying to walk again now although his ankles are still swollen. His doctor remains optimistic although it’s a long road to recovery.

Toenails are dry. Time for the topcoat.


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