Weekend ending

It’s half past ten on a Sunday night and I’m down to my last three copies of Angelo’s PreK DVD.  I had made two film clips for their ceremony last Friday and compiled their photos into four albums.  I promised copies to all the other parents and had missed out on Friday but will have them ready by tomorrow.  I’m sure that they will have as much fun as I do watching our little tykes go about their day-to-day business in their PreK Class.

Meanwhile, I’m looking at the week ahead and do so with a sense of relief.  My Dad is doing fine in Manila, my mother-in-law is back home from her own hospital confinement here, Angelo’s doing great, and I have a long weekend in 2 weeks with the Fourth of July festivities here.  I have a cousin visiting the area who I look forward to meeting up with after having missed out on catching Mabeth, a college friend, on her stop here in New York in the midst of Mom’s health crisis and Alan’s business trip.  It’s going to be a busy day at work this coming week, but I am looking at a relatively simple week.  With all that has happened in the last month, anything close to normal is most welcome.  

We had a simple yet meaningful Father’s Day.  It was such a delight watching Angelo fussing over his Dad and excitedly giving his handmade card and present which we had kept hidden all week.  We finally managed to watch Angels & Demons with Angelo napping through it all.  I cooked some rib eyes and a couple of side dishes for dinner and made some banana chocolate crepes for dessert.  (Found this ready-to-use crepe at the grocery today!  Heaven-sent indeed!)

I always used to say that Father’s Day was more about father and child.  But watching my boys interacting like they do, I’ve come to give new meaning to it despite being the “Mom” in this family, seeing how they truly cherish each other.


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