A letter of thanks

The minute I had a moment to sit down and take a breather from my household chores, I grabbed the blank cards I had set aside to write the thank you letters for Angelo’s Pre-K Teacher and Paraprofessional.  As both cards are similar, I am printing the letter for his teacher, Mrs. C, just so I have something to show him when he’s a little older.. Tomorrow is his last day in Pre-K.. in a few weeks, my little boy is moving on to Kindergarten..

Dear Mrs. C —

I cannot even begin to tell you how truly grateful we are for all that you have done for Angelo.  You have iginited in him an interest in learning which we hope we will be able to nurture and sustain in the coming years.  Our first year with PS 213 has affirmed our belief in the school zone.  My husband and I had grown up in the Philippines and had gone to private schools, but we chose to stay in this area because of its reputation as a good school district.

I am most thankful for the interest and concern you’ve shown with regards his need for therapy to develop his fine motor skills.  Ms. D had gotten in touch with me before I left for that trip to the Philippines and she had advised me to seek evaluation from the school social worker, although she also volunteered to assist if that didn’t go anywhere.  I promise to keep you posted.  I will also seek my pediatrician’s assistance in getting him treated during this summer.

Angelo never ceases to amaze us — and we know that the progress we’ve seen is because of your hard work and dedication.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Warmest regards.

Dinna and Alan


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