Summer in full bloom

It was the eve of the Fourth of July weekend and I exercised my option to work from home. I’ve been fortunate enough to work for a boss who releases us early before a long weekend or a major holiday, so I was able to log off by noon.I told Angelo we were going to McDonald’s to have lunch. Meanwhile, I grabbed my camera and decided to take another way to the corner McDonald’s.

So we went on our way and stopped between flower bushes and took pictures. From the bright oranges of the lilies,to the pastel colored hydrangeas, summer was abloom were everywhere in various shades and colors. And we found some coneflowersand a roseor two, too. More than the visual delight of actually discovering these flowers tucked in some hidden corner here and there in our neighborhood, I cherished the walk with Angelo. It was quality time spent indeed.

He gamely posed for pictures by the flower bushes in our courtyard which was most welcome more so at this time when he gets picky about having his photo taken. We literally went around to stop and smell the flowers. He also took a shot or two which continues to show a discerning eye for framing a picture to be captured in a photograph. (Of course that’s the biased mom talking…) I have learned not to procrastinate when it comes to enjoying these flowers in bloom because they aren’t around all season.

It is remarkable how nature’s colors can be fleeting — making it all the more imperative that we enjoy the moment when we can. I remember one spring when I marvelled at the colors of the blooms on the tree in front of our place.. I was always in a hurry that week and promised myself I would take a picture by the weekend. By the weekend, the colors had waned and were fading. Too late.

Thus my Fourth of July weekend started. Basking in simple joys with the greatest joy of my life by my side.

(Originally written on July 8, 2009)

Back to work

It was short and sweet.  Three days is still three days.  We didn’t plan anything special for this Fourth of July weekend except to visit Sesame Place (Angelo’s second visit this season) Friday, then we chilled out in the afternoon on the Fourth itself in Robert Moses State Park in Long Island.  It meant driving a little farther past the other beaches, but when we got there, it wasn’ crowded at all and the parking wasn’t in the far ends of a lot across the highway.  I grabbed my book, sat under my umbrella and the boys had fun in the sun.

I’m trying to get back into the swing of things after the slowdown last week.  Getting there.  I’m just grateful that we had the chance to relax and do things as a family, even if got me all exhausted.  It was one of those tiring things that eventually recharged you.  Just being able to do things together was rewarding enough. 

Day-to-day worries “disappear” even if only momentarily in the company of my little boy.  Just remembering him playing on the beach gives me enough energy to try harder to get back to work.

Half past midnight and here blogging…

I just finished backing up one of my USB keys which is falling apart on me.  Precious pictures of our trip to the Luray Caverns and Williamsburg, Virginia were in that USB key and I have decided to burn a back up DVD before the poor thumb drive decides to conk out on me.  It made it doubly imperative I deal with the back up because I have yet to upload the pictures to Flickr.  Well the back up has been burned.  Amen to that.

I had a rather busy day although I was only physically in the office after lunch, and with Angelo in tow at that.  No, we didn’t have another date in Bryant Parklike we did yesterday — he calls it a “picnic lunch” as we brought our McDonald’sgoodies to the shaded area and ate our lunch together.  (That was something truly worth all the trouble of bringing him in, but I’ll write more in another post.)

Midway through a week leading to a long weekend, I’m in full summer mode already.  Sun tan spray?  Check.  SPF 50 moisturizer?  Check.  Bathing suits?  Check.  Rechargeable batteries for the cam?  Check.  I’m all set.  We aren’t really planning to go far — just day trips here and there. 

I’ve started reading again which is cause for celebration.  I can actually feel part of my brain stretching in a big yawn as if awakening from a long nap..  Happiness.  I am also trying to find my copy of “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” which I hope to skim through in preparation for the release of the last movie installment.  (Although I am not too optimistic I will be able to do that before the movie opens on July 15.)  Subscriptions to Fortune and Bon Appetit (thanks to unused mileage!) have also provided good reading.  The sad news of the recent deaths of my favorite Angel, Farrah Fawcett and the Gloved one, Michael Jackson, have caused me to keep checking news updates.  It’s part fan grief and curiosity, and just wanting to find out more.  The good news is it’s started me reading the papers — the real thing, and not the online version.

It’s past 1am and I’m wondering why I’m still typing away.  I have work tomorrow.  So I guess I’m saying nighty night for now.