Half past midnight and here blogging…

I just finished backing up one of my USB keys which is falling apart on me.  Precious pictures of our trip to the Luray Caverns and Williamsburg, Virginia were in that USB key and I have decided to burn a back up DVD before the poor thumb drive decides to conk out on me.  It made it doubly imperative I deal with the back up because I have yet to upload the pictures to Flickr.  Well the back up has been burned.  Amen to that.

I had a rather busy day although I was only physically in the office after lunch, and with Angelo in tow at that.  No, we didn’t have another date in Bryant Parklike we did yesterday — he calls it a “picnic lunch” as we brought our McDonald’sgoodies to the shaded area and ate our lunch together.  (That was something truly worth all the trouble of bringing him in, but I’ll write more in another post.)

Midway through a week leading to a long weekend, I’m in full summer mode already.  Sun tan spray?  Check.  SPF 50 moisturizer?  Check.  Bathing suits?  Check.  Rechargeable batteries for the cam?  Check.  I’m all set.  We aren’t really planning to go far — just day trips here and there. 

I’ve started reading again which is cause for celebration.  I can actually feel part of my brain stretching in a big yawn as if awakening from a long nap..  Happiness.  I am also trying to find my copy of “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” which I hope to skim through in preparation for the release of the last movie installment.  (Although I am not too optimistic I will be able to do that before the movie opens on July 15.)  Subscriptions to Fortune and Bon Appetit (thanks to unused mileage!) have also provided good reading.  The sad news of the recent deaths of my favorite Angel, Farrah Fawcett and the Gloved one, Michael Jackson, have caused me to keep checking news updates.  It’s part fan grief and curiosity, and just wanting to find out more.  The good news is it’s started me reading the papers — the real thing, and not the online version.

It’s past 1am and I’m wondering why I’m still typing away.  I have work tomorrow.  So I guess I’m saying nighty night for now.


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