Back to work

It was short and sweet.  Three days is still three days.  We didn’t plan anything special for this Fourth of July weekend except to visit Sesame Place (Angelo’s second visit this season) Friday, then we chilled out in the afternoon on the Fourth itself in Robert Moses State Park in Long Island.  It meant driving a little farther past the other beaches, but when we got there, it wasn’ crowded at all and the parking wasn’t in the far ends of a lot across the highway.  I grabbed my book, sat under my umbrella and the boys had fun in the sun.

I’m trying to get back into the swing of things after the slowdown last week.  Getting there.  I’m just grateful that we had the chance to relax and do things as a family, even if got me all exhausted.  It was one of those tiring things that eventually recharged you.  Just being able to do things together was rewarding enough. 

Day-to-day worries “disappear” even if only momentarily in the company of my little boy.  Just remembering him playing on the beach gives me enough energy to try harder to get back to work.


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