Trying to go with the flow

My blog was literally frozen for most of July due to platform migration, and I had lost a lot of ideas which I failed to write about. I know, too, that I lost at least one comment from Mrs. C. =( So now I’m trying to get caught up with the blogging, trying to pick up from where I left off.  Then again, I don’t remember where that was.

So in the meantime, pardon the fickle-mindedness as to the look.  I’m trying to figure out why my ad links are not posting — why there is no tab to click on to check the status of my account (which, I know, I had converted to a “paid” account a while back, giving me more flexibility as to the layout and content.)  I am also trying to figure out how to put up my own header images like I have always done in the past.  I am trying to be patient.  It might be part of the growing pains of migration.  When I first saw the new platform after logging on, only a third of the options and buttons and bars now available were visible.  So maybe tomorrow or over the weekend, that magical button allowing me to see my account status will pop up somewhere on the dashboard or admin bar.

As the title says, I’m trying to go with the flow. 

I’m smack in the middle of summer — and we’re trying to plan for our holiday and road trip in three to four weeks.  Then Angelo moves on to kindergarten.  I keep asking myself where the year has gone.  It’s August now.  Wow.   Angelo is sporting a glowing tan from the days at the pool and the waterpark.  And he is wont to develop another layer as we plan to go back to Splish Splash this weekend.  

Work has been hectic and not.  There are too many things happening in our little corner of Manhattan these days — sometimes, I find myself floating through the day.  We live in challenging times indeed.  Given all the frenzy, I am just wondering why everyone seems to think I bore so easily.  (Could it be because I smile too much and everyone seems to think anything slower than my current pace would give me a heart attack?  Maybe I should put on a poker face for a change.)  Everything happens for a reason as they say, and I have taken that to heart.  I know that all this will lead somewhere, and I will find my place in time.  Meanwhile, I’m holding the fort and conducting business as usual.  When asked how I was doing, I used to answer “I’m hanging in there.”  This week, I switched to “I’m still here..” which has elicited a laugh or a snicker or two.  Ha!  And I get to have the last laugh, too.

I have been immersed in crafts — mostly digital printing and scrapbooking.  I haven’t done anything monumental.  Just bits and pieces.  (Note to self: You owe Mr. C a call about those lessons in computer graphics!)  Small pages and ideas for embellishments.  I have started a love affair with those brown bags — the ones where you have your food to go packed in.. I have discovered they make for good embellishments, particularly for alphabets and phrases or tags.  (Samples coming soon…) 

I have managed to organize beads from years and years of picking up bits and pieces.  It was uncanny how I got stumped when I had them in front of me and I couldn’t quite make up my mind about what I was going to do with them.  

And don’t talk to me about knitting and crochetting.. I am holding off and hauling my supplies to the attic for now.

There never seems to be enough hours in a day, or days in the weekend.  I am typing here and stealing a glance at the screen clock on the lower right hand corner of my laptop.  11:15pm.  Time to prepare the coffee for tomorrow morning.  Dishes have been washed, drying in the rack, and it looks like my boys are happily snoring in the bedroom, off to la-la land together.

Can you believe I actually did a lengthy post here?  Wow.. (again.)  Looks like I found the flow again..

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