As summer fades away

Bryant Park one muggy morning  I had taken a detour to work one day last week (week of August 11) and started taking photos in Bryant Park  instead of heading straight up to work.  It was pleasantly cool and the sun wasn’t out full blast just yet, so it was the perfect time to roam.  There were hardly any people at the park just yet, so the chairs were still strewn around sitting empty.

Fall is slowly creeping upon us and I wanted to capture the last bits of summer.  The colors are already changing as my favorite cone flowers on the 42nd Street side are starting to wither and fade.  There is still much to see as the late bloomers (literally) are beginning to greet the world.

I find mornings the best time to roam the nooks and crannies of this tiny patch of green.  There aren’t all that many people yet and you have free rein to go wherever you wish to go.  There is a sense of solemnity during the early hours when the chairs  seem to be “asleep” as there is hardly any movement among them.

The stage has been taken down.  It can’t be because of Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Week  (from Sept.10-17, 2009) because I remember that there was an announcement during the last one held for winter earlier this year that the next Fashion Week would be at  the Lincoln Center.   (I tried checking the official website but venue is not indicated.)

I have been watching the goings on from 41 storeys above.   The sun outside is inviting but it’s been much too hot in New York these days.  I even went as far as bringing a book to read — thinking I might have some time to sneak away.  Not today.

There have been a lot of things happening on my side of the world lately.  I’ve logged on and attempted posting several times, but it isn’t always easy to find the words to write here.  So instead I posted my pictures to Flickr.  I’m trying to jumpstart my thoughts through this hope, hoping to get the inspiration to write again.

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