US Tennis Open is here again.. and it's coming to Bryant Park tomorrow!

You know it’s US Open  (Tennis, that is) season again when you start seeing the advertising splattered al around you — but most New Yorkers already treat this major sports event as  one of our regular seasonal events here in this part of the US. 

I was lugging my camera as usual  before heading up to the office when I saw Bryant Park  buzzing with activity on the Great Lawn.  I searched for my favorite flower patches but was turned away at the far end of the park to detour to the outer walk, and I asked the kindly gentleman who was directing public traffic away what all the activity was about, and he told me they were constructing tennis courts.  Nope, it wasn’t Fashion Week.  (Too early..)

So here’s the buzz:  DirectTV and ESPN will be sponsoring the US OPEN EXPERIENCE featuring: ” …Venus and Serena Williams; former pros – turned TV commentators the Jensen brothers; the World’s current No. 1 Men’s doubles team the Bryan brothers (Bob and Mike; and James Blake. ”

I guess I’m putting some sunscreen on tomorrow and wearing comfy clothing.  Weather forecast for NY is a hot 90-something.  Looks like the sun will be smiling (and even glaring) at the big apple, and this is definitely one event worth checking out.


Pre-Production: The US Open Experience at Bryant Park

Pre-Production: THE US OPEN Experience happening Wednesday, Aug. 26
The view from 41 storeys above Bryant Park
Click on the picture to go to my Flickr set of photos of the Park

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