After the storm

I’ve been thinking of our kababayans as Alan and I sat through several news reports from ABS-CBN’s internet subscription, and like most people who have seen the coverage, were just dumbstruck by how bad Storm Ondoy hit Manila.  Our prayers and thoughts are with family and friends.  As for me, I got confirmation early on that my Mom and siblings in San Juan were okay, and that the waters had subsided where Dad was.  I  am thankful that they were not displaced by this natural disaster where many were not as fortunate.

So for now there is the cleaning up as the authorities continue to work on rescuing those who are trapped on their rooftops, and rendering aid to those who are now cleaning up after the floodwaters had subsided.  There is still much to be done — let’s just hope we don’t get hit by another typhoon in the midst of it all.

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