Between stitches

I like the idea of staying home on weekends except that it means that “Dinna’s Diner” is open all day.  I remember how I used to loathe the thought of whipping up breakfast, cleaning up and then getting on with preparing lunch, cleaning up and putting everything away — then doing the whole cycle again for dinner.  I’m not complaining really — just that staying home is not as “simple” as just that.  This time, though, I’m doing rows between meals so it’s working out.

If anything, I’m glad that I’m continuing with my wrap cum scarf, and while I haven’t measured the actual length to determine if I’m anywhere near the literal finish line (or row as it is for knitting), I know I’m getting there.  I’ve stayed up late during the week just getting into the rhythm of working my needles together.  There was a minor setback when I had to repeat (yes, repeat) the whole project a third of the way or so through.  No regrets.  The second go at it actually made for more controlled stitching and I’m pretty happy with what I produced. I’m already thinking of what I am making out of two spools of multi-colored yarns I had picked up from a discount store a long while back that I can’t remember if it was last year or the year before. 

There’s the dilemma of going at it with the knitting needles or the crochet hook — the answer to which depends on what exactly I want to make with it.  I have enough material (I think) to make a nice cap-sleeved loose cardigan in tunic length, more so if I use the colored yarn only for one side and maybe use an all-black back.   I definitely have more than enough to do a crochetted scarf or a another wrap.  Hmmmm… 

Meanwhile, I’m trying to enjoy my Sunday afternoon and will shortly go back to knitting.. and maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll be wearing my latest creation around my shoulders next week.

0 thoughts on “Between stitches

  1. Hey there! Been off blog surfing for awhile. But now, am back.
    I see you have started knitting. Good for you! I always get excited for anyone trying out knitting for the first time or coming back to it.
    And it’s brave that you are tackling the kind of yarn (sorry to say) that I’ve learned to hate (sorry again). I hope by now, your scarf is finished. Please show it off. I’m sure it has turned out quite lovely.
    Take care.


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